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How To Apply

  • SCCHS is a child development, federally funded program for low income families residing in Sarpy County.
  • The application process starts in March and is on-going during the school year.
  • The process involves attending a Round-up, going to the Administrative office, or contacting one of the sites to complete an application.

Items needed to start the application process are:

  • Income Verification: Tax return-1040 (preferred). Other documentation-one of the following: W-2, TANF or SSI, past 12 months of pay stubs, letter from employer on company letterhead (must state the hours worked, hourly salary, date of employment, and include the name and phone number of the company). Submit all income including child support and unemployment payments.

    Applicants might be requested to provide additional documentation in order to accurately determine eligibility.

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Immunization record
  • Address verification