(402) 339-6592         Sarpy County Cooperative Head Start
Fostering the development and well-being of children and their families in Sarpy County.

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Central Office Staff
Phone: (402) 339-6592
Fax: (402) 339-6738

Family Partnerships and Enrollment
Audra Oestreich
Phone: Extension 107
Email: aoestreich@sarpyheadstart.org

Executive/Program Services Assistant
Megan Klanderud
Phone: Extension 101
Email: mknowles@sarpyheadstart.org

Early Childhood Education Program Manager
Kathleen Johnson
Phone: Extension 102
Email: kjohnson@sarpyheadstart.org

Special Education and Literacy Manager
Lisa Weinmann
Phone: Extension 103
Email: lweinmann@sarpyheadstart.org

Family Engagement/Infant Toddler Specialist
Patti Estaniqui
Phone: Extension 105
Email: pestaniqui@sarpyheadstart.org

Health and Nutrition Coordinator
Cindy Shad
Phone: Extension 114
Email: cshad@sarpyheadstart.org

Human Resources and Program Ops Manager
Beverly Mikluscak
Phone: Extension 120
Email: bmikluscak@sarpyheadstart.org

Executive Director
Annette Ferando
Phone: Extension 108
Email: aferando@sarpyheadstart.org